Travel the Unbeaten Path began six years ago as a creative outlet and it has been steadily growing since its humble start. This space has allowed me to combine my love for traveling, writing, and photography, while sharing useful and relevant content. I love inspiring other families to step outside their comfort zone and explore, however they can. As Travel the Unbeaten Path grows, so do our collaboration opportunities – I have worked with resorts, travel, and outdoors brands of all shapes and sizes to create high-quality content, and I would love to work with you!


Travel the Unbeaten Path is read in 35+ countries, and our readers include folks interested in family-friendly destinations and gadgets, as well as open-minded and socially responsible individuals of all ages who are interested in traveling and making a difference in the world.


(July 2017)
Monthly page views 3K+
Monthly visitors: 1.5K+
Instagram followers: 1,470+
Facebook page followers (new): 30+
Twitter followers: 2,620+
Pinterest followers: 300+
Newsletter subscribers: 130+


Below you can find a sample of the brands we’ve partnered with in the past:


I truly enjoy learning about and sharing services and products that bring value to my readers. A partnership with TTUP means I will write about, photograph, and provide social media coverage of your service, experience, or product (number of blog and/or social media posts agreed upon in advance). Partnership/sponsorship possibilities can include:


Sponsorships can include reviews of services, attractions, tours, accommodations,
restaurants, books, and more.


I enjoy creating product roundups and individual reviews; please note that I only accept products that genuinely interest my family or that would be of value to our readers.


I offer writing services to travel-related websites and publications, including research and copy editing. As a travel blogger with six years of online writing experience, a master’s in communication studies, and professional experience in publishing, marketing, and public relations, you can expect professional, thorough, and timely results.


Rates are competitive, but negotiated on a case by case basis. Please contact me for more information.


I accept sponsorship and compensation in exchange for honest recommendations and reviews. In accordance with FTC guidelines for ethical blogging practices, any sponsored content published will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice.


Please contact me at to discuss possible partnership opportunities with Travel the Unbeaten Path. Thank you for your time!