West Virginia

Visiting ECOV’s Cow Sanctuary

Five years ago I became a vegetarian for health and compassion reasons. “I want to hug them, not eat them” is how I feel. But before I go any further, I’m not here to try to convince you to become one or to judge/alienate any carnivore readers out there. ( I live with one!) While […]

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I found peace in the mountains of West Virginia

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but traveling is my therapy. It’s even better when the destination is as amazingly peaceful as the unincorporated town of New Vrindaban, West Virginia (population of 352, according to the 2010 Census) – a remote community of incredible spiritually in-tune people, outside of Wheeling, WV. That’s a mighty […]

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Pittsburgh in 3 Hours or Less

En route to my brother’s wedding in the mountains of West Virginia, my family flew into Pittsburgh, PA and drove up from there. As a bunch of travel nuts, we of course had to explore it, even for only a few hours. I have some friends from there, but I wasn’t able to get in […]

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