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A Guide to Cloth Diapering on the Road

We have been cloth-diapering our little guy from birth, and let me tell you, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s certainly not for everyone, but between baby’s health, major financial savings, and lessened environmental impact (when done right), cloth has worked well for our family. We’ve also been traveling with our little sunshine […]

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Can’t Live Without it: Travel Edition

Once again I’m joining Cait, Stephanie and Laura for their Friday link up – a really fun way to discover new blogs! So what else can’t I live travel without? A scarf. A nice, long, soft scarf can serve as a blanket or pillow in a freezing and uncomfortable plane cabin, and now that I’m a mama […]

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Move over Coachella: Why I prefer small & local music festivals

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be at Coachella right now, and I hope to go one day (I’m looking at you, sister-in-law!) and experience all the hype of big name acts, desert ‘glamping’ and Native American/hippie/somewhat confusing fashion statements. Some of my past favorites include Sunfest in Florida and Music Midtown in Atlanta. But why do...

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Can’t Live Without It: Travel Edition

My good friend and fellow new momma Cait from Home Sweet Ruby is hosting a Link up along with Laura and Stephanie, and I thought it’d be fun to add a travel twist to the “Cant live without it‘ theme. I can’t live travel without my ERGObaby 360. Busy airports, uphill hikes, bustling cities, you name it, we’ve […]

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Diaper bag: travel edition

The blogging community is an awesome one! it’s been a short while since I started writing again but I’ve met and ‘e-met’ great bloggers – local, across the country and even international ones. A few weeks ago, Mea of Make up & Marbles interviewed me for her blog and it was a blast! We discussed […]

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Southern California: Family-friendly Attractions

We were invited to spend this last Thanksgiving with some family members in Southern California. Traveling over thanksgiving… with all that holiday traffic…AND a two-month-old baby? No thanks.But visiting a new part of Cali, seeing family AND the ocean again? We’ll make it work. So we decided to take yet another spontaneous trip to Southern […]

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